Shirtless at the Beach at the Winter Olympics?

The site of the Winter Olympics is hotter than Los Angeles.

Feb. 12, 2014— -- The mercury in Sochi hit 61 degrees today -- hotter than Los Angeles.

The warm weather has caused headaches for athletes worried about slushy snow, although Olympics organizers today played down the warm weather threat.

ABC News' Matt Gutman found a scene not typical of a city hosting the winter games, showing a pair frolicking on the beach just outside his hotel, on the picturesque Black Sea.

And ABC News' Amy Robach has been making the best of the heat, too.

At 7:00 a.m. EST today, Sochi was hotter than 10 of the last 12 cities that hosted the Summer Olympics:

London (2012): 47

Beijing (2008): 35

Athens (2004): 65

Sydney (2000): 74

Atlanta (1996): 30

Barcelona (1992): 54

Seoul (1988): 32

Los Angeles (1984): 53

Moscow (1980): 35

Montreal (1976): 2

Munich (1972): 39

Mexico City (1968): 48

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