Sochi Olympics Fraught With Injuries

Find out which Olympic athletes were injured at Sochi.

Feb. 17, 2014— -- intro:With Olympians tumbling down slopes, crashing into barriers and flipping over on sleds, it appears the Sochi games have been fraught with injuries.

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quicklist: 1 category:Olympic Injuries title:Spinal fracture url: text: Olympic skicross racer Maria Komissarova fractured her spine during a training run Feb. 15. She underwent a 6.5 hour surgery and has since been airlifted to Germany for further treatment. media:22552178

quicklist: 2 category:Olympic Injuries title:Concussion url: text: Snowboarder Jacqueline Hernandez of the United States was carried off the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park course on stretchers yesterday. Hernandez screamed as she fell like a rag doll. She suffered from a concussion, and told reporters she didn't remember the accident. media:22552384

quicklist: 3 category:Olympic Injuries title: Broken legs url: text: A Sochi track worker was struck by a bobsled, breaking both legs last Thursday. He was hit by the forerunner, which goes down the track ahead of the athletes to check for safety. media:22554659

quicklist: 4 category:Olympic Injuries title: Broken nose url: text: Slovenian alpine skier Rok Perko broke his nose during a training run, bloodying the snow. media:22552063

quicklist: 5 category:Olympic Injuries title: Dislocated shoulder url: text: Canadian skier Marie-Michele Gagnon tweeted that she dislocated her shoulder during a slalom run, but she competed in her other races anyway. media: 22552799

quicklist: 6 category:Olympic Injuries title: 180-degree flip on sled url: text: Irish skeleton athlete Sean Greenwood was thrown into the air on a curve when his sled flipped over in the middle of a race on Friday. He finished 27th but wasn’t injured. media:22552273

quicklist: 7 category:Olympic Injuries title: Bad fall url: text: U.S. figure skater Jeremy Abbott fell and crashed into a barrier during his performance, lying on the ice 20 seconds before finishing his program. media:22552624