Summer Forecast: Cavs, not Warriors, to win title

— -- The Golden State Warriors knocked off the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals. Will one of those two teams take home the crown next year? Or is another squad ready to claim the title?

We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to predict who will emerge as NBA champions in 2016.

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Who'll be the best in the NBA?

NBA champions projections

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
Proj. record: 59-23
Points: 119

The "healthy" Cavs can see anybody in the West in a seven game series, even GS #ESPNForecast

2. Golden State Warriors
Proj. record: 60-22
Points: 84

Golden State is too talented & too deep to not repeat as champs AND they have the best, most essential ingredient: chemistry. #espnforecast

@espnnba #espnforecast Despite Tim & Tony aging, the Spurs will not slow down thanks to LMA and the emergence of Kawhi as a star player.

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2 MVP candidates/top5 players on 1 team... interesting to see how @okcthunder plays this yr now that they've been written off #ESPNforecast

Also receiving votes: Houston Rockets (3), Chicago Bulls (1)