Super Bowl 2015: Seahawks Super-Fan Decks Out Home, Proposes to Girlfriend

He used paint and a visit to the jewelry store.

A few days after painting his girlfriend's mother's house in the team's colors -- neon green and blue -- he then proposed to his girlfriend Melissa of eight years on the lawn he spray-painted with the team's logo.

"She and I both huge fans, and after doing something so big with painting the house, I had to make my move now," Fitzwater told ABC News today after attending a Seahawks pep rally. "She had no idea. She was completely in shock."

Of course, she said yes!

The colorful house features a large "12" sprawled on the roof, referring to "The 12th Man," a phrase used to describe the Seahawks' most loyal fans.

Other players' jersey numbers are showcased on the garage door.

"We painted a logo for last year's Super Bowl," Fitzwater said. "But we wanted to do something bigger this year, so it was only logical that we painted the house."

The paint job took around eight hours and was finished this past Sunday, he said.

The house, which sticks out in a sea of beige, clay-colored iconic Southwestern homes, is welcomed by his neighbors.

"I have a [Denver] Broncos fan to the right of the house, and a [Arizona] Cardinals to the left, but my neighbors all love me," Fitzwater said. "I help them out all the time, and they're on board with it. None of their teams are in, so they're rooting for me."

He added he's in total shock about how much attention he's gotten in the past week.

"This is the best week of my life!" Fitzwater said.

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