Super Bowl: You May Have to Pay $3,000 to Watch the Patriots-Seahawks in Person

Prices start at around $2,000 in the secondary market.

ByABC News
January 19, 2015, 2:29 PM

— -- If you don't already have a ticket to the Super Bowl, you may have to cough up an average of $3,000 to watch the New England Patriots face the Seattle Seahawks in less than two weeks.

On StubHub, Super Bowl ticket prices start at $2,193.50 and there are 5,375 total tickets currently on sale.

The average sales price for the big game at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, is $3,005, according to StubHub, and $2,992.37, according to event ticket aggregator TiqIQ.

The average selling price for the Seahawks-Broncos game last year was $2,527, and the year before that, tickets for the Ravens-49ers game averaged $2,525.

The most expensive ticket listed -- and so far not sold -- goes for more than $17,800 for the "lower center" section, while suites are going for anywhere from $726,000 to $958,000, according to TiqIQ.

The face value Super Bowl tickets ranges from $800 to $1,900, and these are distributed within the 32 NFL teams and the sponsors.

Some fans have access to face-value tickets allotted to the NFL teams, but usually that is done on a random season ticket holder lottery, said Chris Matcovich, TiqIQ vice president of data and communications.

Here's a breakdown of how tickets are distributed:

• Each team playing in the Super Bowl receives 17.5 percent of the inventory (usually raffled among season ticket holders).

• The host team (the Arizona Cardinals) receives 5 percent.

• The rest of the NFL teams receive an equal distribution from 34.8 percent.

• The NFL keeps 25.2 percent for themselves and for sponsors.

Here are the day-of and get-in ticket prices for past Super Bowls, according to TiqIQ:

• 2010: Saints vs. Colts: $2,329.26 ($1,379)

• 2011: Packers vs. Steelers: $3,649.41 ($2,260)

• 2012: Giants vs. Patriots: $2,955.56 ($1,354)

• 2013: Ravens vs. 49ers: $2,199.08 ($1,062)

• 2014: Seahawks v Broncos: $2,567.00 ($1,514)

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