Uni Watch Update: The Jazz get a makeover

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May 12, 2016, 2:04 PM

&#151; -- The Utah Jazz became the latest NBA team with new uniforms today, unveiling a new set that makes small changes to the team's basic look while adding a new alternate uni that's seems likely to divide fans along "Love it!" versus "Hate it!" lines.

Let's start with the new home uniform:

This design is extremely similar to the team's existing look, but they've cleaned up the side panels (an upgrade), changed to a custom number font (another upgrade), adjusted the trim on the collar and armholes (a wash), and made some minor tweaks to the shorts (mostly inconsequential, although it's too bad they didn't get rid of the tramp stamp). Nothing drastic, but some nice, incremental improvements. Grade: A

Next up is the road uniform:

Second verse, same as the first. Again, this is very similar to the team's existing look, with minor changes that correspond to the ones seen on the home design. The little touch of green on the side panel offers a lot of bang for the chromatic buck, too. Like most NBA road uniforms, this one doesn't pop quite as nicely as the home whites, but still a solid design. Grade: A-

Now let's look at the road alternate:

This one is a more significant change from the team's current alternate, because they've swapped out the team logo on the chest for "Utah." Having your city or state locator represented in your uniform program is always a good thing, but this chest lettering is really uninspired. Not a terrible uniform, but a bit disappointing compared to the home and road designs. Grade: B-

And here's the sleeved alternate that everyone will be talking about:

A lot of fans won't care for this one (the immediate complaint on social media was that it looks too much like a soccer kit), but your friendly uniform columnist loves it. Bold, playful, fun -- a win-win-win. Plus it gets points for referencing these great warm-up designs from the team's past:

Granted, this design would be even better if it didn't have sleeves, or if the stripes wrapped all the way to the back, but it's still a hoot. Can't wait to see it on the court. Grade: A-

The Jazz have also unveiled a new court design and some new logos, all of which is broken down on this excellent interactive page.

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