USC says 4-0 mark vs. Texas is correct as NCAA voided Trojans' participation in 2005-06 season

USC?and Texas?will play this week for the first time since the Vince Young-led Longhorns beat the Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart-led Trojans 41-38 in the Rose Bowl to win the BCS national championship following the 2005 season.

It was one of the most memorable college football games in history.

That's why USC's official game notes caused a stir this week: They list the Trojans as 4-0 all time against Texas, while acknowledging one loss -- the Rose Bowl -- was vacated due to NCAA penalty.

In 2010, the NCAA announced it found USC committed what it referred to as "agent and amateurism violations" involving Bush, and part of the penalty for the football program would include the "vacation of regular and postseason wins" from the 2005 season.

The loss to Texas, of course, does not fit that criteria.

However, in 2010, USC was instructed by Jim Wright, then the NCAA director of statistics, not to include participation in any games that year, including the Rose Bowl, as part of its official records, USC's longtime sports information director, Tim Tessalone, said in an email.

"I have documentation in a letter sent in July 2010 to Wright noting all the changes he instructed us to make, including that losses had to be vacated," Tessalone said. "The letter also states that he had reviewed all our revisions and approved them."

When asked to clarify how the NCAA officially views USC's record from 2005, Jeff Williams, the associate director of media coordination and statistics for the NCAA, provided a link to the organization's list of USC's season-by-season records. It lists the Trojans as 0-0 in 2005 and notes that 12 wins and the Rose Bowl loss were vacated.

From a Texas perspective, the NCAA still includes the game as a win.

Saturday's game will be the first meeting between the schools since the BCS championship and has been announced as a sellout of the 92,348-seat Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.