Vick supports DeSean Jackson


Michael Vick offered his "utmost support" for DeSean Jackson during an ESPN Radio interview Tuesday, saying that his former teammate has to "embrace" a potential trade from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jackson has been the subject of numerous trade rumors amid widespread speculation about the wide receiver's future with the Eagles.

Vick, who signed with the New York Jets on Friday after spending the past five seasons with Philadelphia, spoke about Jackson's possible departure from the Eagles with ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" on Tuesday morning.

"If it does happen for DeSean, it's something that he has to embrace, something he may have to learn from, depending on whether he wants to leave or not," Vick said. "Regardless, I'm going to support him. He's always been a great friend of mine and a great football player. And I think highly of him. I give him my utmost support."

Vick also spoke about the dynamic between Jackson and Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who reportedly has grown tired of dealing with the three-time Pro Bowl receiver.

"Chip Kelly is a leader," Vick said. "You have to understand Chip Kelly to know what type of person he is and be around him. He's not a bad person by any stretch. But certain organizations want things done a certain way."

The Eagles have remained silent on Jackson, who signed a five-year contract extension two years ago, since reports surfaced they were willing to trade him.

"[Jackson] is a very productive player," Vick said. "Everybody has a lot of respect for him. But I think at the end of the day, Chip Kelly's decision -- the way he wants to do it -- is his decision. Who knows why internally."

Jackson said after the season that he thought he deserved a raise, although he later tried to clarify on his Instagram page that he wasn't demanding a new contract.

He indicated Monday night on his Instagram page that he spoke with Kelly and posted a photo of the coach, referring to him as a "winner."