Washington Redskins Urge Fans to Troll Senator Harry Reid on Twitter

NFL team asks users to show their #RedskinsPride

May 29, 2014— -- The Washington Redskins’ battle with Senator Harry Reid isn’t over.

In a Twitter message today, the NFL team urged fans to tweet at the Nevada senator -- who’s been pushing for the Redskins to change their name -- as a way to show their “Redskins pride.”

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Last week, half of the U.S. Senate, including Reid, called on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to force the team to change its name. The Redskins responded in a letter, posted online, claiming the team’s name “carries a deep and purposeful meaning” and is in support of Native Americans.

Fans’ feelings are mixed. Some people support the name change:

Some people want to keep the Redskins name:

But mostly, people think this hashtag is a bad idea: