What It's Like to Try on the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition

The high-end Apple Watch is made with 18-karat gold.

— -- A girl can dream, right?

The Apple Watch Editions were kept at the side of the Apple Store, where I was invited to sit down and have a fitting with an Apple employee who explained what makes it so special.

The watch comes with the same functionality as the $349 Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch, but is crafted with 18-karat gold that Apple said has been developed to be twice as hard as standard gold.

The display is kept in pristine condition thanks to polished sapphire crystal. The $17,000 Edition I tried on came with a red band that contrasted nicely with the gold watch.

Having the watch on my wrist felt the same way as the more budget-friendly Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models, with the added bonus of a bit more bling. But it sure was nice to try on the ultimate techie status symbol.