20 Top Cat Videos on the Web

From felines stalking to "talking," these YouTube clips are the cat's meow.

ByABC News
September 4, 2012, 1:09 PM

Sept. 5, 2012 — -- intro: They're cute, cuddly, mischievous and all over the Internet: Cats seems to be the undisputed kings of the web video jungle -- so much so that last week one museum hosted an Internet cat video festival. Below, we've listed 20 of the most-watched cat videos on YouTube, each of which has garnered millions, if not tens of millions, of views.

Of course, not every feline escapade caught on tape is a charming one; when researchers at the University of Georgia attached small cameras to more than 50 cats, the videos they gathered showed cats killing birds and engaging in risky behaviors like crossing roads and eating or drinking substances away from home.

Watch about the hidden lives of cats and more on "20/20: The Camera Never Lies" online here and get your cute kitty fix by checking out our list.

quicklist: 1title: 'The Mean Kitty Song'text: One man's cat was such a warrior that he named it Sparta and wrote a song in its honor.

quicklist: 2title: 'Surprised Kitty'text: A kitten is tickled. Unfathomable cuteness ensues.

quicklist: 3title: 'The Two Talking Cats'text: Two cats "talk" to one another. Tens of millions listen.

quicklist: 4title: 'Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten'text: A mother cat embraces her sleepy kin.

quicklist: 5title: 'I Are Cute Kitten'text: From a mailbox to a coffee pot, a tiny kitty has a lion's share of hiding places.

quicklist: 6title: 'Stalking Cat'text: Watch a saucer-eyed cat's sneaky pursuit of its prey -- the camera.

quicklist: 7title: 'Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat!'text: This cool cat hits all the right notes.

quicklist: 8title: 'NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect'text: Another cat tickles the ivories, but this time the video posters insist it's not a trick.

quicklist: 9title: 'Talking Cat'text: Why bother meowing when you can make noises that sound disturbingly like real speech?

quicklist: 10title: 'The OMG Cat'text: What could possibly have prompted Choco the cat's "gobsmacked" reaction?

quicklist: 11title: 'Cats Play Patty-Cake'text: A human voiceover turns two cats pawing at each other into a chuckle-worthy game of feline patty-cake.

quicklist: 12title: 'A Cat Receiving Special Training'text: A cat slides headfirst through a box and into our hearts.

quicklist: 13title: 'My Cat Speaks When He Is Awoken'text: A cat stretches and "talks" after napping.

quicklist: 14title: 'My Cat Tiggy Talking'text: Is this cat really saying "hello"?

quicklist: 15title: 'Attack!'text: Crawling baby, pouncing kitty: It's an attack, all right -- of adorable proportions.

quicklist: 16title: 'Mama Cat Comes to Rescue Her Little Kitten'text: The video's name indicates an act of maternal love, but some YouTube commenters wondered whether the mother cat was a bit hungry.

quicklist: 17title: 'Sleep Talking Cat'text: Thanks to another human voiceover, this sleeping cat mumbles with the best of them.

quicklist: 18title: 'Kitten Massage Therapy'text: Forget an expensive day at the spa: See if you can book this kitty masseuse for your next rubdown.

quicklist: 19title: 'Fluffy Kitten Is Confused'text: A shiny toy has this kitten on alert.

quicklist: 20title: 'When Cats Attack'text: This cat may seem menacing at first, but a little squeak suggests otherwise.