TechBytes: Apple Event

X-Box on Cable Box, Review: Bayonetta, Rock Band Store

Jan.19, 2010— -- Apple is ready to unveil its "latest creation." The company sent an invitation to the media, inviting reporters to an event one week from tomorrow. They didn't give any specifics, but speculation has been running wild for some time that Apple will unveil a tablet computer.

Xbox Takes on Cable

Video game consoles are used for more than just playing games these days. You can rent movies, watch TV shows and more. Now Microsoft is hoping the Xbox will become more like a cable box. The New York Times is reporting Microsoft is in talks with Disney about a programming deal with ESPN. Xbox owners would be able to watch live sporting events and play interactive games. Disney is the parent company of ABC.

Bayonetta Review

Some are calling Bayonetta an early contender for game of the year. GameDaily's Libe Goad checked it out for our weekly video game review. "Bayonetta is one of the weirdest games, but also one of the most entertaining games in recent video game history," Goad says. The game features a witch named Bayonetta who has guns attached to all of her limbs. "If that wasn't weird enough, she also has magic hair, and she basically uses her hair to unleash savage attacks against her enemies," Goad describes. In addition to her magic hair, all of Bayonetta's powers include punches, kicks, and shooting. "There's never been more ways to creatively kick butt in a video game," Goad says. "It's a really fun fighting game that's good for someone who's an experienced gamer or somebody who's totally new to this form of entertainment."Bayonetta is available for the Xbox and PlayStation 3.

Rock Band Network Store

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