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A new scam is making the rounds on Facebook. This one tries to trick members into downloading a "dislike" button. It's being spread in status updates with messages like "get the official dislike button now." While Facebook has spread millions of "like" buttons across the web, there is no equivalent for when you don't like something. The scam is apparently meant to trick users into sharing personal information.

Xbox Games for Phones

Microsoft hopes its new line of smart phones will become popular gaming devices. The company is announcing today that it is bringing more than 50 Xbox Live titles to Windows Phone 7 this year. That includes versions of Halo, Guitar Hero and Bejeweled. Microsoft will also link the phones to its Xbox Live service. The phones are to go on sale in time for the holidays.

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There is No 'Dislike' on Facebook

Everest: Hidden Expedition Review

In our weekly video game review, "Everest: Hidden Expedition" for the iPad. In the game, players compete to find hidden objects as they race to reach the top of Mount Everest. Libe Goad of checked it out.

"One of the things I really like about the game is the new multi-player mode. You and a friend can go head to head, you each have your own little screen and a list of items that you have to find in the scene, and you race to see who can find most of the items first," Goad said. She adds that it's a good game for families. "You can almost use your iPad like a game board, sit down, play together, and it really is a good time."

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Do You Have a Bad Online Reputation?

"Everest: Hidden Expedition" can be downloaded from iTunes for $6.99

Rachael Ray's App

If you can't get enough Rachael Ray on TV, now you can take her with you wherever you go. She has a new iPhone app called " Tasty Bytes." It includes 200 recipes, cooking tips and a shopping tool aimed at getting you in and out of the supermarket faster. The app costs $1.99.

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Travel With Google

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