TechBytes: Freescale Tablet

New tablet computer, live mobile TV, synchronized YouTube and more.

Jan. 4, 2010— -- 2010 may be the year of the tablet. A company called Freescale Semiconductor has designed a tablet computer that it claims can be sold for under $200. Manufacturers can buy the design from Freescale and customize the seven-inch touchscreen computer. Some features include GPS, webcam and up to 64 gigabytes of storage. An even bigger announcement could come later this month if, as anticipated, Apple unveils its version of the tablet computer.

Pushing Live Mobile TV

A group of broadcasters is planning a new push to deliver live TV to mobile devices. According to the Wall Street Journal the group wants to offer news, sports, weather and other local content to users on the go. The programming would be available for cell phones, laptops, portable DVD players and in-car devices. The group hopes to offer free programming, but consumers would have to pay for special hardware that can receive their signal.

Synchronized YouTube

You can now watch YouTube videos with family and friends even when you're not in the same room. A website called SynchTube turns YouTube into a much more social experience. It lets you share and discuss videos in real time with up to four people. One person creates a room, then invites others to join in and comment. The person that creates the room controls the video -- sort of like having the remote control.

Facebook and Divorce

Is Facebook fueling divcorces? According to London's Telegraph divorce lawyers claim the explosion in popularity of social networking sites is tempting people to cheat. Suspicious spouses also use these sites to find evidence of flirting. One law firm claims almost one in five divorces cites Facebook . Of course, most of these marriages may already be destined for failure and Facebook just becomes another excuse for why the relationship did not work.

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