TechBytes: Google Voice Adds PC-to-Phone Calls From Gmail

Google unveils new PC-to-phone calling service from Gmail.

Aug. 26, 2010— -- Google is giving telephone companies a run for their money. The company announced that you can now make phone calls from your Gmail account . The calls can reach landlines and cellphones. The service includes video calls. It puts Google in direct competition with Skype, used by 124 million people to make internet phone calls every month.

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"One of the really neat features is the ability to actually have a conversation with your classmates or your professor. So if you all have the same textbook open on your iPad and your professor takes a note, all the students will see that note" Bilton said. "In the same respect, people can take notes that they share with other classmates."

The app also lets students buy the chapter of a textbook they need, instead of spending much more on the whole book.


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