TechBytes: Sony Qriocity Music

MacBook Air is Top Tech Item of 2010

Dec. 23, 2010— -- Sony is taking on Apple in the online music business.

Sony announced it is launching "Music Unlimited, Powered by Qriocity."

It's a digital music service that lets users stream tunes from a massive catalogue, instead of having to download them.

It's available in Britain and Ireland and coming to the U.S. next year.

Apple's MacBook Air

MacBook Air may not get as much publicity as the iPad, but the computer is getting a lot of great reviews.

New York Times technology blogger Sam Grobart just picked the MacBook Air as his tech item of 2010. He found it light, portable and much more useful than the iPad.

"If you really need to get work done, then you want a real computer," Grobart told ABC News.

"You want a real keyboard, and the Macbook has a very comfortable one. You want the ability to look at Flash on the Internet, which the MacBook can do, the iPad cannot. You want to be able to download things, you want to run every program that you have."

The MacBook Air costs around $1,000.

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