TechBytes: A Google Tablet?

Faces and places, live TV on iPad, tweet and eat.

ByABC News
August 19, 2010, 10:52 AM

Aug. 19, 2010— -- A technology blog hints that Google may launch its long-rumored tablet the day after Thanksgiving. That's the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, known to retailers as Black Friday. Google has not made an official announcement about the device and there are no definitive hardware specifications, but a conceptual video created by a former employee shows what the potential device could look like.

Facebook has a new service to help you find your friends. The company introduced Facebook Places yesterday. Places lets users post their location and tag friends who are near them so you can meet up. The new service could help Facebook boost advertising revenue by appealing to local businesses who hope to direct their ads to people who are in the area.

Verizon FIOS customers, get ready to watch TV on your iPad. Verizon unveiled a TV viewing app for iPad's yesterday. It should be available early next year. The app will only allow the iPad to pick up TV signals inside the owners' home. Several other pay TV providers are planning similar apps.

Ever post what you're eating on Facebook or Twitter? That's the whole idea for a new healthy fast food restaurant, opening next month in New York City. Customers of "4food" share what their eating on social networking websites. Nick Bilton of the New York Times explains how it all works. "So if you go to the website,, you can create and design your own burger, then you can name it and it gets put on a leaderboard in the restaurant," he said. "What happens then is if people order your burger you get 25 cents towards a purchase by yourself. So the more people that purchase your burger and the more you share it on these social networks, the more money you make."The burgers at 4food are shaped like donuts, so you can pick a filling, such as avocado, to go in the middle.