TechBytes: Google TV Launch Delayed

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WATCH Google TV's Launch Delayed Despite Trade Show

Google TV's planned launch is now on hold. Google has asked TV makers to delay their introductions so it can continue refining the software. Google TV integrates television, the Internet and other computer functions. It's bad timing for Google, which was hoping to roll out the service at a major trade show next month.

iPhone Apps & Personal Data

A new study says iPhone apps actually give out more personal data than Android apps. The Wall Street Journal reached that conclusion after examining more than 100 mobile applications. Google had recently been criticized when researchers found a large number of Android apps giving out personal data without users' permission.

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An eReader in Color

Google Ngram Viewer

And there's a new tool from Google that scholars, or anyone who loves words, will love. It's called Google Ngram Viewer. It scans more than five million books dating back 600 years, to show how popular words have been, or how often they were used. Amazingly, the tool shows the word google first appearing in English books in the 1860s.

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WiFi For Every Device?

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