TechBytes: iPhone 4 Consumer Report

BlackBerry security, UK Facebook panic button, NCAA Football 11

ByABC News
July 13, 2010, 10:52 AM

July 13, 2010— -- If you're about to buy an iPhone 4, one reliable source warns, "not so fast." Consumer Reports said it would not recommend buying the new smartphone. The magazine blames a hardware flaw with the phone's antenna for dropped calls. Apple says it's due to a software bug. The iPhone 4 made its debut last month, selling 1.7 million in the first three days.

A new security app is available for BlackBerry users. Research in Motion's "BlackBerry Protect" lets users lock their device from their desktop, in case it's lost. The app can also remotely add contact information to the screen of the locked BlackBerry, so it can still be returned. And it lets users pinpoint their lost BlackBerry with a GPS.

British kids who use Facebook have a new security measure, too. Facebook is placing a one-click panic button on pages used in the United Kingdom. Minors can quickly press the button to report suspicious activity to authorities. Facebook added a security measure for U.S. minors back in April, but it requires clicking through several pages.

If you like college football, you don't have to wait for fall. The NCAA Football 11 computer game from EA Sports makes its debut today. Dan Evans of PC Magazine says college football fans will love it, because it tailors each team to the actual team's offensive and defensive styles. He also says it's more realistic than previous versions. Evans described some of the action: "They've made (the running back) as if he's keying off the lineman, so if the lineman blocks this way the running back's gonna go that way," says Evans. "They're gonna double-team this guy in the end, the running back's gonna cut back in. You have a lot more control and he looks like he's actually moving with the play as opposed to just an automaton with the ball." NCAA Football 11 is compatible with Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. It costs up to $59.95.