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Netflix has struck a deal with Walt Disney Co., owner of ABC News. NetFlix is adding hundreds of episodes of ABC and Disney shows to its online streaming library, including "Grey's Anatomy" and "Lost" as well as movies like "High School Musical."

Smartphones vs. Point-and-Shoots

Many Americans are putting aside point-and-shoot cameras in favor of smartphones. Point and shoots may take better pictures, but smartphones have the advantage of apps. The New York Times' Sam Grobart says an app called Hipstamatic gives your photos a unique look. "You can take images that might be sort of standard and ordinary, and turn them into sort of vintage-looking things, old Polaroids, black and whites, sepia, etc.," Grobart said. "They can make the limitations of the camera actually kind of a virtue by giving it this kinda cool, lo-fi quality that you wouldn't get with a very accurate, high tech point-and-shoot." Sales of point-and-shoots have actually fallen over the past two years.

Disney on NetflixPlay
Disney on Netflix

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