TechBytes: NFL on Cell Phones

Review: "Mass Effect 2," Wii Classic Controller Pro, first 3-D photocopier.

Jan. 26, 2010— -- Good news for football fans ready to leave the couch. The National Football League is planning to make its RedZone Channel available on cell phones next season, according to the Wall Street Journal. The cable-TV channel provides coverage of Sunday games, cutting to all the scoring plays and other important action.

'Mass Effect 2' Game Review

The second installment of the popular gaming sci-fi trilogy 'Mass Effect' goes on sale today. PC Magazine's Dan Evans says 'Mass Effect 2' is more action packed than the original. "This game is definitely worth it to buy," he said. "It's a huge adventure, unlike some of those games you just run through and beat very quickly once you run the mechanics.

"This changes, it morphs, depending on what you do. So there's no set run-through way to beat this game. You can personalize your character so it's a different game for every person who plays it. I think that's definitely a reason to buy this game."

Mass Effect 2 is available for the Xbox 360 and PCs.

Wii Classic Controller Pro

The Nintendo Wii's unique remote helped make it the bestselling video game console, but not every game requires you to swing your arms around. For more traditional games, you'll soon be able to buy the Classic Controller Pro. It will come in black and white and be compatible with more than 450 games. The controller goes on sale in April for $20.

First 3-D Photocopier

The world's first 3-D photocopier is here. The Photosimile creates digital 3-D replicas of whatever object you place inside it. The machine rotates your object and snaps dozens of photos from all different angles. It's a useful tool for companies that sell stuff online. The Photosimile isn't for most homes or offices. It costs about $17,000.

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