TechBytes: Super-Sized DSi

In TechBytes today, PC on your TV, viral airport video and more.

ByBrett Levy and Carrie Halperin
February 25, 2010, 9:52 AM

Feb. 25, 2010— -- Nintendo is super-sizing its hand-held video game console. The DSi XL has two screens, just like earlier versions, but they'll be almost twice as big. The device will also serve as an electronic book reader. Nintendo will sell "100 Classic Books" for the device featuring titles by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and others. The new DSi goes on sale March 28 for $190.

One of the nation's biggest cable companies says it has a solution that makes it easier to watch videos from your PC on your TV. Typically, that requires a special device or plugging in lots of wires. But Cablevision says it has developed software that essentially mirrors your computer monitor on your television. Cablevision says it will begin testing the service in June.

A new Web site is serving as a warning that people are simply sharing too much information these is a very straightforward idea. It shows postings that appear on Twitter from a location-sharing service called Foursquare. So if you tweet to the world that you're not home, this site could list your home as being empty. Please Rob Me doesn't actually show your address, but it could make you think twice about sharing every little detail of your life.

The latest viral video on YouTube shows you how to make the most of a 10-hour delay at the airport. Ashley Klinger, 20, was stuck in Pittsburgh's airport alone after a snowstorm caused her to miss her flight. Instead of getting bored, she got creative. Ashley used her laptop camera to capture her escapades, everything from sliding down a ramp on a McDonald's tray to cruising around on a wheel chair and much more. Something to keep in mind with another storm about to slam the East Coast.

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