TechBytes: OnStar on Google Phones

In TechBytes, phones take credit, YouTube's unlisted videos, cells in homes.

Phones Take Credit Cards

Some new technology allows anyone to turn a cell phone into a credit-card reader. It's called Square, which launched this week. It's a tiny plastic device that plugs into the headphone jack on smartphones, iPads and iPod touches, and allows you to take a payment by credit card. The New York Times' Nick Bilton said it's easy to use.

"What's interesting about Square is it allows anyone to take a credit card so they can become their own merchant," he said. "For example, a friend of mine this weekend actually used a Square during a garage sale. So you could imagine selling a bike on Craigslist or even settling a bill with a friend using a credit card."

YouTube Unlisted Videos

Cell-Only Homes

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