TechBytes: Record iPhone Sales

YouTube online editing, Swype for Android, free Wi-Fi at Starbucks.

June 17, 2010— -- Get ready for long lines when iPhone 4 goes on sale next week. Apple and AT&T say they took orders for more than 600,000 iPhones in one day, the most pre-orders Apple has ever had in a single day. Despite technical troubles placing their orders, those people will get their phones on time.

"Apple tells me that the folks who made it through the pre-ordering process will actually be able to get their phones as early as next Thursday, June 24th," said ABC News' Dan Arnall. Anyone ordering on Apple's website now will have to wait about three weeks longer to get their phone. AT&T has stopped taking advance orders.

YouTube Online Editing

YouTube is adding new tools that allow users to edit their videos online. Video editor offers basic features that make it easy to trim and splice together video clips that you've uploaded. Users can also add audio from any of the 40,000 songs in YouTube's library. You can find the video editor at

Swype for Android

The application makes typing much faster by allowing users to draw lines between letters on the keypad by only lifting their finger to start a new word. The software is available for a limited time at

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks

Earlier this week, Starbucks said it will begin offering free wireless internet access at all company-operated stores. Certainly good news if you spend a lot of time at Starbucks. But the New York Times' Nick Bilton says this could be good even if you're not a coffee drinker.

"There's always been this hope that there's going to be ubiquitous free Wi-Fiin major metropolitan cities, but that really hasn't happened up until now," Bilton said. "With Starbucks really getting into this game it's really gonna push other competitors to do the same thing also." Starbucks begins its free service July 1.

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