TechBytes: Skype Service Restored

Skype Service
WATCH Skype Service Outage

Skype is still trying to figure out what caused a massive service outage this week. Millions of people couldn't make Skype Internet calls Wednesday and Thursday. The company said that as of Thursday afternoon, service was almost back to normal. Skype users are getting credit for extra service.

iOS Christmas Music

Some people near Atlanta got into the Christmas spirit by using iOS devices. That's a church band playing Christmas songs, entirely on iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones.

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Santa and NORAD

And the North American Air Defense Command is getting in the Christmas spirit too. As it does every year, Norad is tracking Santa Claus' travels and telling children about his progress. Norad says it has 47 radar sites that can pick up Santa, and that satellites can spot Rudolph's nose very clearly.

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