TechBytes: Windows Mobile 6.5

In today's TechBytes, Kindle for PC's, Hulu adds Fees, Walmart Tech Supprt.

ByABC News
October 14, 2009, 10:52 AM

Oct. 23, 2009— -- Microsoft wants to make Windows as popular on smart phones as it is on desktop computers. This company released an upgrade to its mobile Windows operating system, and now Windows phones aim to compete with Blackberry and others.

But The New York Times' Sam Grobart says the update, version 6.5, has a long way to go.

"Setting up things like a Wi-Fi connection is a three step process that requires a lot of jargon and is very confusing," he said.

Grobart conceded that Windows Mobile 6.5 is simpler to user than other versions.

"Some of the new improvements include larger icon sizes so you can actually use your finger instead of a stylus, and there's the inclusion of an app store," he said.

Although he says he also added,

Amazon will soon let you buy, download and read electronic books on your Windows-based PC, even if you don't own a Kindle. Users will be able to download the software for free beginning next month. Amazon already offers a similar application for the Apple iPod and iPod touch, but it's trying to stay ahead of strong competition from Barnes and Noble and Sony who are both offering e-readers that are PC-compatible.

Watching movies and TV shows on Hulu for free will soon be a thing of the past. An executive from News Corp., a part owner of the site, says subscription fees could come as early as next year. Right now Hulu is sponsored by advertisers, but it's struggling despite its popularity. There is no word yet on how viewers will pay for the subscription or how much it will cost.

Wal-Mart is rolling out a new tech service in time for the holidays. The giant retailer will provide in-home help to set up consumer electronics. Shoppers can buy service plans on a prepaid card in amounts from $99 to $339 to help with everything from basic TV set-up to complete home theaters. Wal-Mart aims to match the service provided by Best Buy and its Geek Squad.