TechBytes: Windows 7 Now In Stores

In today's TechBytes, Google tunes, Facebook music, and the Web and your brain.

ByABC News
October 14, 2009, 10:52 AM

Oct. 22, 2009— -- The newest version of Windows is on sale today.

Windows 7 arrives in stores with much better reviews than its predecessor, Vista. The new operating system is designed to boot up faster, look cleaner and streamline the way people work with fewer clicks and fewer annoying notifications.

Windows 7 is also said to work better with plug-in devices, like cameras. Setting up home networking to share photos and music is also supposed to be easier. Several versions of the software will be sold with prices starting around $120.

Google will soon make it easier to discover, sample and buy new music. The company is said to be launching music search pages next week. The pages will feature images of artists, album artwork, links to news, lyrics, videos and song previews.

Fans will also be able to buy songs for download, although Google won't be selling the music itself. The site gives record labels an alternative to Apple's iTunes, which is the top online music store.

Facebook is also getting into the music business. The social networking site is revamping its online gift shop, allowing members to buy music for their friends.

For 10 cents, members can send a song to stream online and, for 90 cents, they can send a song to download. The new feature starts rolling out today with more than 8 million songs available.

Surfing the web may be better for you than you think. Researchers at UCLA found that older adults with little internet experience show positive changes in their brain activity after one week online. That means Internet training could potentially enhance brain function. The scientists say they'll have to conduct further studies to test the Web's impact on younger people.