TechBytes: Wisk Away Bad Photos

VIDEO: The detergent brand has a facebook feature that eliminates unflattering

A brand that helps remove stains from your clothing can now help you lift stains from your Facebook profile. Detergent brand Wisk is releasing a Facebook application this week that helps scrub your regrettable photos from the social networking site. "Wisk It" works by letting you identify the pictures you'd like a friend to remove, then sending that friend a request to delete the photos. The application arrives just in time to get rid of any embarrassing Halloween pictures.

Digital Scrapbook

There's a new way to create a personalized digital scrapbook in minutes. The Web site "scrapblog" has a new tool called "Quick Mix." Users can upload photos from a variety of sites including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and more. They can select a pre-built kit with a layout and design for the book, and organize their pictures. Then they can pay to print their scrapbook professionally or share it online.

Trade Wardrobes

Are you tired of the clothes in your closet, but unable to shell out for a new wardrobe? A new site called "Thred Up" lets you swap your unwanted items. Users create a virtual closet listing the things they want to get rid of and what they want in return. The system then finds members who might be a match. Once members are happy with a match, they send their clothes off and get new stuff in exchange. The only expense is pre-paid envelopes which cost $25 for three.

Dreaming Video Games

If you're looking to improve your video game scores, you might want to sleep on it. New studies suggest dreaming about playing a video game helps players get better at it. The studies don't actually prove that dreaming about games makes players better, instead they show the strong relationship between dreaming and learning.

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