TechBytes: YouTube Adds Captions to Its Videos

In TechBytes, Sony strikes back, a review of the Motorola Backflip and more.

March 5, 2010— -- YouTube has added captions. Users will be able to request captions for millions of videos at the press of a button. The feature expands upon speech-recognition technology YouTube started using on a limited number of videos late last year. The captions work on videos in English but can be translated into 50 different languages. A quick sampling of videos showed the technology is far from perfect.

Sony Strikes Back

For years, Sony was considered the most innovative consumer electronics company. Apple leads the pack now, but Sony is ready to fight back. The Wall Street Journal Journal reported that the company is developing a new lineup of hand-held products, looking to build on the popularity of its PlayStation franchise. One device in the works is a smartphone that can download and play PlayStation games. The company also plans to allow a wide range of devices to tap into its video-game catalog.

Motorola Backflip Review

AT&T's first smartphone powered by Google's software goes on sale this weekend. The Motorola Backflip is designed as a social-networking tool and has a unique reverse-flip design with the screen and keyboard on the outside. USA Today's Ed Baig said he has mixed feelings about the phone, but one feature stands out.

"Now one of the unique design features here is this actual laptop-style trackpad on the back," he said. "And what it lets you do is manipulate what's on the screen without actually getting your fingers in the way. So you can see what's happening on the screen. Now it does take a little bit of getting used to but, ultimately, it's a very nice feature."

You can read Baig's full review of the Backflip on

Ring Tone Clears Sinuses

Your cell phone may now be able to help you breathe easier. A Japanese company said it has developed a ring tone that's able to clear your sinuses whenever your phone rings. Of course, you can also find over-the-counter medicine that does the trick.

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