Ft. Hood Soldier Causes Stir on Twitter

Tweeting soldier sparks debate about real-time sharing online.

ByABC News
November 10, 2009, 10:12 AM

Nov. 11, 2009— -- Amid the tragedy last week at Fort Hood, as officials worked to secure the Texas military base, treat the wounded and account for the dead, one soldier turned to Twitter, sending a stream of up-to-the-minute reports from inside a hospital where the injured were being taken for treatment.

Some messages were simple observations, others expletive-laced commentary.

But in the shooting's aftermath, the soldier, Tearah Moore, 30, has found herself at the center of a sharp debate about the real-time sharing and whether the military should police the use of new media.

As news started to break about the deadly shooting that killed 12 soldiers and wounded 30 others, some users of the micro-blogging site Twitter started to notice the messages from one user in particular.

From the account of "MissTearah" came a flood of reports apparently from inside the locked-down military base:

"hey just brought a CART full of boxes w/transplant parts in them. Not good not good. #fthood," said one post.

"Ok we just saw a soldier on a stretcher w/2 armed guards walking by He didnt look like he was in great condition," said another.