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MTV Urge is seamlessly integrated into the powerful Windows Media Player 11, which makes quick work of searching the music service's 2-million-plus song catalog. It's a pleasure to use the service to discover new music, thanks to its gorgeous graphical interface and plethora of hand-programmed content, such as playlists and radio stations. Still in beta, MTV Urge has some bugs to work out. Navigating between options can be slow, the service froze a couple times, and the help section isn't filled out yet. There's no option to take video content to go on compatible devices. Despite some glitches, MTV Urge is one of the best subscription music services we've seen to date. If taking your choice of millions of songs with you anywhere sounds appealing, make sure you check out this offering from MTV.∂=abcnews

14-May-2006 09:05 PM PDT

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