TiVo HD XL DVR (150-HD hours)

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TiVo HD XL DVR (150-HD hours)


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Can record two HD programs simultaneously while playing back a third, previously recorded one; huge 1TB storage capacity; expandable storage; accepts cable TV and over-the-air signals; 30-second commercial skip; excellent easy-to-use interface and remote; impressive Internet and home-networking features, including video content from Netflix, Amazon, and CinemaNow, Rhapsody subscription music service, online and cell phone scheduling, photo and music streaming; TiVo To Go transfers recordings to PCs and portable devices; able to download and view most standard digital video file formats from networked PCs (with premium Desktop Plus PC software).

Requires subscription fee in addition to cable bill; sluggish transitions between menu screens; does not work with video-on-demand services; requires extra tuner box for cable systems with switched digital video services; must program 30-second skip; no picture-in-picture; TiVo To Go requires long, slow transfer and transcoding times; some premium features (Netflix, Amazon, Rhapsody, Desktop Plus, Wi-Fi adapter, expandable storage) require additional one-time expenses or subscription fees.

The TiVo HD XL charges a hefty premium for its spacious recording capacity and THX certification, but most users will be content sticking to the all-but-identical standard TiVo HD DVR.


03-Sep-2008 09:01 PM PDT