Review: Memory Mouse 8000

When traveling, people often find themselves tied down with a lot of electronic accessories. Microsoft believes that its new Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 ($99.95) will alleviate that problem.

The mouse compares quite favorably to all the other wireless mice out there with 1 GB flash memory.

Aside from being an all-in-one product, this mouse is portable, lightweight and very easy to install on your computer.

It is completely rechargeable thanks to a new innovative magnetic charging system. Just by attaching the magnetic ends to the USB stick and the mouse itself you are able to enjoy interruption-free use.

Even better, it only takes 15 minutes of charging to get a whole day's use. If you want to fully charge the battery that will take around five hours and last you three weeks.

Other features include a back button to take you to the previous page you viewed, a magnifier button, HD Laser Technology and a case that holds the mouse, USB stick and a charging cord.