Twitter Suggests Potential Pickup Lines for Newly Single Al Gore

It can be hard to re-enter the dating scene after a divorce. But if you're Al Gore, whose split from wife Tipper was just announced, there are plenty of people out there ready to dispense advice.

On Twitter, New York humorist Andy Borowitz helpfully and hilariously suggested a good pickup line for Gore to use the next time he's trying to impress a lady: "Baby, you should win the Nobel Piece of Ass Prize."

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Al and Tipper Gore Split After 40 Years of Marriage

If that doesn't work, how about this one? "Baby, if you want to see how big my hanging chad is, let's go to my place & do a recount."

Borowitz signed his tweets with the hashtag #Gorepickuplines, and thus an Internet meme was born, spawning a trend on Twitter that is yielding some pretty funny responses.

Here are some of the best -- and "cleanest" -- ones:

ruthbourdain: "Baby, all those other guys are unsustainable. Listen, I've got a renewable resource. We can go all night." #gorepickuplines

LickableToad: Let me know if I'm Goring you.. #GorePickupLines

roboutik: "Do you know how much that dress is contributing to global warming? Cuz you're makin me hot!" #gorepickuplines

Gwednesday: "I'd like to leave my carbon your bedroom." #gorepickuplines

Cianjaggers: I put the 'vice' in 'ex vice president' #gorepickuplines

If you have any hot tips for Gore's new foray into the single life, leave them in the comments or join the fun on Twitter.