Amazon Celebrates FAA Gadget Decision With 15 Percent Discounts on Kindles

PHOTO: The Kindle Fire HD Amazon
The Kindle Fire HD starts at $139 and the Kindle Fire HDX at $229.

You may have heard that the FAA no longer makes you hit the off button on your electronic devices before takeoff and during takeoff and landing on JetBlue and Delta flights. And now Amazon is hoping you'll make one of those electronic devices a Kindle.

Today the online shopping giant is saying thank you to the FAA with a 15 percent discount on the new Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch and the $69 Kindle. All you have to do is head over to input the "ThnksFAA" promo code and you'll knock some bucks off the final price.

That will bring the $69 Kindle down to $59, the $139 Kindle Fire HD to $118 and the $229 Kindle Fire HDX down to $195. The Kindle Fire HDX is Amazon's latest tablet and is the only one of the new products to include its new Mayday button, which provides live video chat support in case you run into any problems on your device.

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Amazon has long lobbied the FAA to change the rules about gadget use on planes. And last week the FAA announced a broad revision of its gadget policies. The FAA now permits the use of electronics during all parts of the flight, though cellphones and tablets must be switched to Airplane mode before takeoff and landing. When in the air, passengers may connect to the plane's wireless network, if one is available.

Passengers must also stow laptops or other larger electronics during those two periods, but use of MP3 players, Kindles or other e-readers, tablets and more are perfectly fine to use from the moment you get on the flight until the moment you exit. However, during the flight safety video or announcements passengers still must put down the devices and pay attention. So far Delta and JetBlue have implemented the new rules; other airlines are expected to do so soon.

The Amazon deal ends today, but those new FAA gadget rules? Those last forever.