New iPads Expected at Apple’s Oct. 22 Event

Apple will hold an event in California next week to announce new products.

Oct. 15, 2013 — -- It shouldn't be long before new iPads swipe into view.

On Oct. 22, Apple will hold an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco the company confirmed in an invitation sent to members of the media this morning.

The invitation reads "We still have a lot to cover," implying that the company has even more to announce after its new iPhone 5s and 5c announcements in September. It is widely expected to use the event to detail its new iPads.

Apple has been silent on the next version or versions of its popular tablet, but the rumors have been very loud. According to many leaked photos, the fifth generation iPad will have a very similar design to the iPad Mini, but with a thinner build, relocated speakers and mic, and a thinner screen bezel.

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Apple is also rumored to release the iPad Mini, which it unveiled at an event close to a year ago, with a higher resolution Retina Display, though there have been conflicting reports about that.

Apple's announcement comes after a long line of new tablets that have been introduced for the coming holiday season. Last month Amazon released the newest versions of its Kindle Fire HDX, including an ultra high definition version.

Google also introduced its Nexus 7 tablet this summer, which has an 1920×1200-resolution display, and Microsoft's new Surface 2 tablets will hit stores on the same day as Apple's news conference.

At the same event, Apple will likely discuss the next version of its Mac operating system called OS X Mavericks, which includes a new version of Safari and improved notifications. Along with the software details, Apple is said to reveal new MacBook Pros and its latest Mac Pro desktop.

ABC News will have the latest on all of Apple's new products on Oct. 22.