Apple MacBook Parody Video Features Old Footage of Giggling Spanish Comedian

Viral Apple meme jokes about creation of the newest MacBook.

A video called "Apple Engineer Talks About the New 2015 MacBook" has racked up more than two million views since it was posted on Wednesday. In the video, a man identified as an Apple engineer is speaking in Spanish as English subtitles tell the a whopper of a story about how the new MacBook was created.

That man is actually Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish comedian known as "El Risitas," or in English, The Giggles. The video footage is from an old talk show interview that was unearthed and given the meme treatment.

"All of the engineers in the room were nervous and started to scatter around," the subtitles say.

El Risito keeps laughing as he says in the totally not true story that he was later promoted that night.

It turns out the comedian was actually discussing various jobs he has held in the video -- but with funny subtitles and that hearty laugh, it's easy to see why the parody continues to garner more views.