Apple Watch and Other Technology to Look Forward to in 2015

From the Apple watch to self-driving cars, here's what you can expect in 2015.

For now, here's a taste of some of the top tech talkers already on the radar for 2015.

Apple Watch

Apple has been teasing us with its first wearable, the Apple Watch, since it was unveiled at the same September event where the new iPhones made their world debuts.

The company hasn't announced a firm launch date for the device, other than "early 2015." In the interim, we've been treated to plenty of sexy shots of the watch, which uses the digital crown of the device for easy navigation.

The Apple Watch is expected to begin at a price point of $349.

Self-Driving Cars

Google's adorable and cartoon-like looking self-driving cars are expected hit the road in California in 2015, however it will still be a while before they'll hit the mass market.

The first real build of the Google self-driving car prototype was unwrapped just in time for Christmas, and the team behind the project says it is excited to zip through the streets of Northern California in the New Year.

"Our safety drivers will continue to oversee the vehicle for a while longer, using temporary manual controls as needed while we continue to test and learn," the team said in a Google Plus post.


While there's no release date yet for the consumer version of the Oculus virtual reality headset, plenty of chatter has centered around 2015 being the year of virtual reality for the masses.

At the Web Summit in November, CEO Brendan Iribe said a consumer release is "months, not years away, but many months."

Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion in March and ever since then, attention around the virtual reality headsets has skyrocketed -- and not just in the gaming realm. It's being used for fitness classes, real estate tours and vacation experiences.

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