Astronaut Shares Photo of Volcano Erupting as Seen From Space

The Copahue volcano is on the border between Chile and Argentina.

ByABC News
March 29, 2016, 9:48 AM
Astronaut Jeff Williams shared a photo of a volcano erupting in Chile.
Astronaut Jeff Williams shared a photo of a volcano erupting in Chile.

— -- Living out of this world sure provides a unique vantage point for looking at Earth.

Astronaut Jeff Williams shared a gorgeous photo on Twitter showing his view of the Copahue volcano, which sits on the border of Chile and Argentina, as it erupted. A plume of white smoke is seen rising into the air.

Williams, who arrived at the International Space Station earlier this month, is on track to break Scott Kelly's record to become the American who has spent the most cumulative days in space. When Williams finishes his six-month mission, the veteran astronaut will have racked up 534 career days in space -- beating Kelly's lifetime total of 520 days, according to NASA.

Williams, 58, was selected for NASA's class of astronauts in 1996. This is his fourth trip to space and his third six-month stay at the International Space Station.

The Wisconsin native has two children and three grandchildren, according to his NASA profile. He also has a pretty cool distinction: NASA said Williams was the first astronaut to interact live with the agency's social media followers during Expedition 22 in 2010.