Beer Maker Envisions Individual Pints Anywhere, Anytime

Imagine a single-cup coffee brewer, but with a mug of beer instead.

— -- For anyone who has dreamed of one day being able to pour a personal pint of beer anywhere imaginable, the new Synek draft system hopes to make it a reality. Reminiscent of single-cup coffee brewing, Synek has the ability to serve a personal beer fresh from the tap.

Steve Young of St. Louis is the mind behind the personal tap. He noticed a need for longer term beer packing and decided to quit his job as a stock market analyst to solve what he called "an epidemic."

"My solution was through packaging innovation," Young told ABC News. Young and his team of engineers found the answer in Synek, which preserves the quality of beer for over 30 days.

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Here’s how it works.

Beer lovers can fill the Synek bag from any tap. Synek says the bag is vacuum-sealed and UV protected and can maintain the quality of beer for months.

Once the bag is filled, insert it into the Synek dispenser, which Young says is no bigger or heavier than a toaster oven.

Finally, enjoy the beer. According to Synek representatives, the Synek bags are easily interchangeable and maintain carbonation outside of the dispenser, so pouring one serving and switching bags will not affect quality.

Because of local laws when it comes to producing, distributing and consuming alcoholic beverages, Synek is legal in all states expect in Alabama, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota and Vermont.

If Synek is successful in reaching its $250,000 Kickstarter goal, beer lovers everywhere can expect to brew personal pints as early as March or April of 2015.

"Bottom line, Synek helps craft breweries get their beer fresh on your counter and make more money while doing it," says Young.