New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Makes Dizzying Takeoff in Test Flight

The new Boeing 787-9 can take off nearly vertically.

June 11, 2015, 9:04 PM

— -- Better lock up those tray tables.

Boeing pilots took the company's new 787 Dreamliner on a vertigo-inducing test flight, complete with a dizzying climb off the runway, a new video shows.

In the clip posted on the company's YouTube channel earlier today, ahead of the Paris Air Show starting on June 15, Boeing’s expert crew are seen rehearsing the stomach-church aerobatic display that will be performed at the art show.

The aircraft took off from Washington and performed a medley of advanced maneuvers.

Boeing’s website described the Dreamliner as a jet that “applies breakthrough technologies to an all-new airplane design. The advanced features of the 787 increase efficiency, simplify airplane ownership and operation, and significantly improve the air travel experience.”

According to Boeing, the 787-9 that carries 280 passengers has had its fuselage stretched by 20 feet compared to the 787-8.

The new Dreamliner can carry more passengers and freight further, using 20 per cent less fuel than the aircraft they aim to replace.

Boeing notes the ascent for passengers is not nearly as extreme as displayed in this test flight video.

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