5 Boredom Busting Apps for Holiday Travelers

Check out these apps to keep busy during holiday travel.

— -- It may be "the most wonderful time of the year" as the famous song says, but what the song fails to mention is traveling during the holidays can be downright stressful and boring.

Check out these boredom-busting apps that will keep you, your family and friends entertained during your holiday travels.


Chances are if you're on a road trip, there's going to be singing at some point. The Musical.ly app lets users take fun videos of themselves lip syncing to their favorite songs and add fun effects. The hilarious music videos can then be shared with friends on various social platforms.

Check it out on iOS or Android.


Want to broadcast your car ride to the rest of the world? We recommend the driver doesn't do this, but everyone else can enjoy a little live stream fun with Periscope, the live streaming app that Twitter released earlier this year. Users can see how big their audience is and enjoy getting those "hearts" from viewers who like what they see.

The app is available for iOS and Android users.

Katy Perry Pop

From the makers of the "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood," Katy Perry Pop lets players live the pop star dream by becoming "besties" with the "Firework" singer, performing concerts, changing their styles and gaining fans along the way.

Check out the app for iOS and Android.

Released over the summer, Angry Birds 2 includes everything players loved about the first game, with some additional surprises, including sharper graphics, multi-stage levels and if you can believe it, even more destruction.

Players have the power to choose which bird they hurl at the pigs. Crashing into enough pigs will fill up the Destruct-O-Meter and allow players to earn even more fowl to fling. An arsenal of new spells are also on hand, including blizzards, magic ducks and hot chili peppers.

Get started on the destruction with the iOS and Android versions.


Pokoto will test your memory and your reflexes. Poke out the evil eyes and beware of the bombs -- they’ll make you lose time. Hearts will buy you time.

Like any good time-wasting game, this one is never-ending. Keep perfecting your pokes and see how you stack up to your friends.

Check out Pokoto on iOS.