Changing the Date to 1970 on Your iPhone Will Cause a Major Glitch

PHOTO:A women looks at her iphone in this undated file photo. Getty Images
A women looks at her iphone in this undated file photo.

Apple acknowledged on its website it's working on a fix for a peculiar bug that prevents some users' iOS devices from restarting after they've changed the date to 1970.

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Why anyone would want to change the date on their phone to 1970 is beyond us. Apple wasn't founded until 1976. The iPhone wasn't even released until 2007. Not to mention the fact we're living in 2016.

Against their better judgment, some users have manually changed the date on their iOS devices, creating a glitch that prevents some devices from restarting, according to Apple's website. Users who have decided to travel back in time via their iPhones are currently advised to contact Apple Support in order to get them running again.

"An upcoming software update will prevent this issue from affecting iOS devices," a message posted Monday on Apple's website said.

While it's unclear what may be causing the glitch, it's worth noting the Dec. 31, 1969, date is significant in computer science because the following day, Jan. 1, 1970, GMT, is when the Unix operating system began tracking time.

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