The Conversation: Your Life In Pummelvision

Creator Jake Lodwick talks about his latest internet innovation.

Jan. 17, 2011— -- Thanks to a new web project from internet pioneer Jake Lodwick, a near-death experience is now a lot less dangerous.

"They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. But we can use computers to simulate that," Lodwick told ABC's Jeremy Hubbard in today's Conversation.

Lodwick was one of the creators of Vimeo, the video uploading website. His new site, turns the images of everyday life into a sort-of mass produced work of video art.

"Pummelvision takes all the photos that you've uploaded to the web and puts them in a very fast-paced movie that you are the star of," Lodwick said.

The photos stream by at a phenomenal rate of 7.5 per second, backed by pulsating music.

"It's almost too fast for you to really comprehend, but because youknow all the photos so intimately, you recognize every single thing," Lodwick said. "Your brain just lights up with all this memory and activity."

Lodwick made the first Pummelvision with his own photos, manually stringing them together with a video editing program. With some clever programming, he's now made it possible for anyone to achieve a similar effect with the click of a mouse.

Plenty of people have already used the site, and new "Pummelvision" videos now pop up online at a rate of about one per minute.

"People like taking pictures of themselves. It's easy to take a picture of yourself, but it's pretty hard to make a movie out of yourself."

We hope you'll watch today's Conversation for more... including a glimpse at 'World News with Diane Sawyer' very own Pummelvision video.

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