Crazy About Angry Birds: Game Maker Discusses Hit Mobile App

Cheeky smart phone game becomes top downloaded app in several countries.

ByABC News
December 6, 2010, 10:32 AM

Dec. 14, 2010— -- The premise is simple -- use a slingshot to launch angry birds into the air. Their mission? Destroy the evil pigs.

What started as just another smart phone app -- aptly titled "Angry Birds" -- has become a cultural phenomenon. Produced by Rovio, a Finland-based company, it's now the top downloaded iPhone app in several countries, including the U.S.

Millions, including Droid users who can also download "Angry Birds," are now launching birds from their couches, their train and airplane seats, maybe even their office desks. There have so far been more than 50 million downloads of the game.

"It's far, far beyond our expectation, obviously," said Peter Vesterbacka, who holds the title of Mighty Eagle -- otherwise known as head of business development for Rovio's North American office. "'Angry Birds' really seems to be everywhere right now and [we] couldn't be happier."

Those angry birds aren't just cute, they are determined. The more pigs they take down, the more player-friendly features the birds get.

Vesterbacka said it's the characters that get players hooked.

"People really love the birds," he said.

Vesterbacka said it was a mix of years in the gaming business and also a bit of luck that propelled Rovio and "Angry Birds" to the top. Before the game was made, the Rovio team combed through the app store, analyzed the top downloads and "really tried to understand what does it take to make a hit game?"

Peter Vesterbacka spoke with ABC's John Berman for today's Conversation. We hope you'll watch to learn more.

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