Self-Destructing Gmail Possible With Free Chrome Extension

Your emails get Snapchat-style treatment with Dmail extension.

July 24, 2015, 1:58 PM

— -- That drunk email sent to an ex-boyfriend can now easily be revoked with the click of a button.

A new Chrome extension called Dmail brings its self-destructing super powers to a user's Gmail inbox, allowing users to take control of the messages they send even long after they've been fired off to the recipient.

Email panic or regret can be fixed by clicking the "revoke" button after a message has been sent. When sending a message, users can also decide whether they want the message to self-destruct after one hour, one day, one week or never.

Messages sent to a friend who has Dmail appear in their inbox as normal. The extension still works if a friend doesn't have the service. They'll instead be given a Dmail link in the email which will take them to the secure message.

The extension was developed by the team behind the Delicious social bookmarking tool. The group noted on their company blog that while they're still early in the product process "but we built this tool out of a pain many of us have experienced and we hope it makes life easier for you as well."

Google unveiled its "undo send" feature in June giving Gmail users with email panic or regret up to 30 seconds to take back the offending message. The feature was first launched in Google Labs in 2009.

If the sender doesn't cancel during their email grace period, the message will be sent to the recipient as soon as the delay expires. Using the feature requires users to opt into the service by visiting their Gmail settings section.

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