Duke University Graduate Karen Owen Pens Sex Life Thesis

Duke graduate Karen Owen saw her so-called thesis on sex go viral.

October 08, 2010, 1:56 PM

Oct. 8, 2010 — -- If Internet users were grading Duke University graduate Karen Owen's thesis on her active sex life, she'd likely get an 'A' for attention to detail.

Owen has become a much-discussed topic on blogs, Web sites and even morning shows after her so-called thesis, chronicling her sexual escapades during her undergraduate years at Duke, went public.

The 42-page PowerPoint presentation titled, "An Education Beyond the Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics," ranked 13 men Owen was sexually involved with during college, according to their physical attractiveness, athletic ability and talent -- in the bedroom.

The thesis was reportedly e-mailed by Owen to only a few of her close friends. But after one of those friends forwarded the document, and then that recipient did the same, the document soon went viral, first appearing on the blog Deadspin.com.

Now, Owen is an Internet legacy for her description of picking up student athletes at Durham, N.C., bars, and what happened behind closed doors.

According to the PowerPoint that was obtained by ABCNews.com in full, Owen gave bonus points to sexual partners who had an "Australian accent and/or professional surfing skills." Points were deducted for rudeness, she wrote.

Owen wrote that her project was spurred, after one of the men included in her project, texted her to ask how "he ranked on her f**k list." What followed was a detailed list of everything from memorable moments to the pros and cons of each of her conquests.

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