Why Emoji May Be in Your Next Password

Technology company develops system to get rid of numerical pin codes.

— -- Say goodbye to a string of numbers and hello to kissy face, dancing lady, diamond ring, soccer ball.

Intelligent Environments, a mobile and online banking technologies company, has come up with a platform allowing users to ditch a traditional numerical pin code in favor of emoji.

While the system hasn't been implemented yet by any banks, Intelligent Environments shared their plan to use the fun characters in a new video and underscored how the system could potentially be more secure than a numerical pin.

With 44 emoji to choose from, there are a possible 3,498,308 permutations, according to the company. By comparison, Intelligent Environments said a pin comprised of numbers 0-9 has 7,290 non-repeating digit possibilities.

The world's first Emoji passcode from Intelligent Environments on Vimeo.

Robert Siciliano, an online safety expert to Intel Security, said the idea is a step in the right direction for password security.

"Photos as passwords are a strong alternative to simple username and password," he said. "But we can't stop there. New developments in facial recognition will inevitably replace all current methods."