Escaped Bronx Zoo Cobra Joins Twitter

Missing cobra shares Manhattan adventures with thousands of Twitter followers.

March 29, 2011, 10:38 AM

March 29, 2011— -- The deadly cobra that vanished from the Bronx Zoo this weekend remains MIA, but now fans can follow the slippery snake -- on Twitter.

Since Monday, the Twitter account @BronxZoosCobra has tweeted the imaginary escapades of the escaped female cobra as it takes on Manhattan.

"If you want to find me, I right in front of the original Ray's Pizza," says one tweet.

"Leaving Wall Street. These guys make my skin crawl. #snakeonthetown," says another.

In a message to actor Charlie Sheen, the snake wrote, "Dear @CharlieSheen, know what's better than tiger's blood? Cobra venom. #winning #snakeonthetown Also I'm 20 inches long. Just sayin'."

The poisonous snake also had some hissy words for mogul Donald Trump: "Donald Trump is thinking about running for president?! Don't worry, I'll handle this. Where is Trump Tower exactly?"

The person behind the now famous snake's fake Twitter account declined a phone interview with, saying in an e-mail, "My voice is a little lissspy."

But, the tweeter said "she" was enjoying the newfound fame.

"I'm happy for the opportunity to show people a softer side of snakes. Snakes are people too. Oh, wait. Nevermind."

When asked to reveal the human identity behind the Twitter account, @BronxZoosCobra deflected again, writing, "Interest in revealing myself? I'm totally naked all the time. I don't think I can get more revealing."

Still,"she" said she wasn't affiliated with the Bronx Zoo and was "just a former tenant."

As of Tuesday morning, the @BronxZoosCobra account had attracted the attention of nearly 30,000 followers, including one high-profile "foe" -- @BronxZookeeper.

Set up to follow only @BronxZoosCobra, the zookeeper's fake account (it displays a Gmail account and is not connected to the Bronx Zoo's official Twitter page) tweets its pretend activities as it tries to track dow the missing snake.

"Seriously, @BronxZoosCobra. I give you special entrance to the rodent exhibit and this is how you re-pay me? NOT COOL," reads one tweet.

'It's the Snake's Game,' Zoo Officials Say

In an e-mail, the tweeter behind the @BronxZookeeper parody account also wrote in character, saying the account is not officially affiliated with the Bronx Zoo but is a way for "my boss to keep tabs on my progress."

"After she's found (and she will be found), I'll be lucky to have a job," @BronxZookeeper wrote. "Rumor around the zoo is that I'm going to be demoted to the sloths exhibit."

The real keepers at the Bronx Zoo said they continue to sweep the zoo's Reptile House, where they believe the cobra has been hiding since Saturday, but added that it may take days or potentially weeks for the snake to make an appearance.

"Right now, it's the snake's game," Jim Breheny, senior vice president for the Wildlife Conservation Society and Bronx Zoo director, said in a statement Monday evening. "At this point, it's just like fishing; you put the hook in the water and wait. Our best strategy is patience, allowing her time to come out of hiding. We remain confident that the snake is contained within the Reptile House."

The zoo has also implemented a system designed to track any movements by the snake that would help speed her discovery, he said.

"In this complex environment, she will likely remain in hiding and not move until she feels completely secure. As her comfort level rises, she will begin to move around the building to seek food and water," he said.

But @BronxZoosCobra had some additional advice for those trying to track her down: "Follow me on Twitter. I really don't know how to make it any easier than that. Well, I could use foursquare I guess."