Facebook's New Personal Way to Say 'Happy Birthday'

The social network is launching a "birthday cam" to send your well wishes.

— -- You can now take your "happy birthday" wishes on Facebook to an entirely new level.

The social network announced its new "birthday cam" today that will allow users to record snappy 15-second videos wishing their friends a happy birthday.

Here's how it works: Users with iOS devices can visit their friend's profile, tap a birthday prompt in the celebrating friend's profile and hit record. Once you're satisfied with your video, Facebook lets you choose from an assortment of birthday-themed frames that can be added to the message before it's posted on their timeline.

If you don't want anyone to know it's your birthday, you can of course protect your secret going to "edit profile" and choosing "contact and basic info." From there you can choose who will get to know its your special day -- whether it's a select friends list or no one at all. Or perhaps you want the whole world to know, in which case "public" is your best bet.